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Project Description

Allows you to inject a library in another process, to inspect all the loaded assemblies, view and edit fields, properties,dump resources, ...

02 jan 2014
There are a few bugs that crept in the release I made, mainly due to my struggle with the resource files and .NET 2 <-> .NET 4 (missing icons and such). The resource pane also seems to be borked and there's still a System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Break() without an System.Diagnostics.Debugger.IsAttached, so if you hit that one, it will generate an exception. I demoted the current release to beta, and will make a new version once the issues are resolved.
Update: the above issues are resolved in the source code

Note: if you don't have C++ installed then you can ignore the ManagedInjector project. I made 4 binaries (the 3.5 ones with vs2008, the 4.0 ones with vs2010) and added them to the Injector project as copy to output.



IL Debugging


Inject into

Assembly explorer

Locals & watches

IL Debugging (very big WIP)

Decrypt strings

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